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At XIX we are building the technology that is focused on creating a better way of doing things. We are building a first-of-its-kind digital assistant that accumulates knowledge and context about a user, which can be easily deployed to smartphone, smartwatch and smart car devices. It observes and learns user’s interactions with an Android smartphone, builds a user model, automates repetitive workflows and identifies the intent.

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Job Description

Background: is a YC-backed startup that builds the first mobile artificial intelligence OS for smartphones. XIX is the driving force behind the leading artificial intelligence community in San Francisco


Design at XIX

Great design is one of the key characteristics for XIX. We build mobile artificial intelligence OS for smartphones; It is predictive, contextual and can understand the intent of a user 11x better than anything else. Imagine how you pull out your phone, and it shows you exactly what you want to see: specific action to perform, suggestions and helps you optimize your personal and professional workflows*

We are looking to hire a UI designer intern to work with us on ad-hoc basis helping with the UI/Graphic design work. It's a great opportunity to build your portfolio, skill set and get referrals from YC-company.

Good to have:
- A degree in HCI or related discipline

Tools of the trade:
- Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision

You should include these in your application:
- Some work that you’re proud of.
- If available, a link to your Dribbble profile or your portfolio.

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What We're Building

YC-backed startup XIX builds an agent interface for smart devices (phone, watch, home) to actively predict what users want before they ask. It observes the behavior of a user on a smartphone, learns it and predicts your intent. It detects and automates repetitive workflows for a user and helps to make decisions you don't want to make (where and what to eat and drink, planning and much more).

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