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WunWun's app gets you on-demand delivery from every store and restaurant. Currently available for iPhone in New York City in Manhattan and Brooklyn. WunWun is FREE for delivery from any store or restaurant with a purchase. Courier deliveries are only $10 each.

Step 1. Make a request for what you would like picked up. Even long grocery lists!
Step 2. Put from where and where it’s going to. (Either you or someone else!)
Step 3. Press Get to place your order!

In moments you get a text from a WunWun Helper keeping you up to date with the status of your delivery.

App and app reviews:

Mobile Commerce
Collaborative Consumption
Curated Web
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Wunwun Jobs : Screenshot
Calvin Lai
Co-founder @Wunwun. I talk to computers, and sometimes people, too.
Lee Hnetinka
Co-Founder and CEO of @Wunwun
Daniel Brady
Worked at @Wunwun, @University of California San Francisco • Studied at @Harvard University, @university-of-california-berkeley
Bobby McKenna
Then: product designer at Vine. Now: creative director at Wunwun. Future: king-emperor of New America.
James Monahan
Operations Manager at WunWun Inc.; Previous logistics: MTV, VH1, Your Special Delivery Service, Breakaway Courier Systems.


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