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Wunder is the most convenient way to carpool around your city everyday.

At Wunder you don’t just have a job. You’re working on something that makes the lives of people easier and more fulfilled. At scale, our product changes the face of a city. Having a positive impact on the cities we operate in is at the heart of what we do. Wunder is not only a company. It is a way of making good use of our time and creative energy. Read More

What We're Building

Wunder is an open platform seamlessly connecting people with empty seats in their cars to others heading in the same direction. For billions of people in emerging markets carpooling is the most convenient form of transport that can be used everyday. We believe that in the future sharing a ride in the city will be just as common as it is today to take the bus.

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Open Positions


Gunnar Froh
Founder in the Sharing Economy. Former Airbnb, McKinsey. Studied at WHU, Kellogg.
Samuel Baker
Corporate finance in Silicon Valley, consumer banking in Latin America, venture capital in San Francisco and tech start-ups in Europe.
Lukas Loers
Entrepreneur in Residence at Wunder - Urban Carpooling, Startup experience, Marketplaces, Trilingual German/French/English,
Sean Schickedanz
Active investor for 20 years
Tomas Ruta
Entrepreneur with a mission to make world a freer place. Currently growing startups at Founders Factory in London.
Patrick Arle
German entrepreneur passionate about building and marketing great products with talented people.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What is your office environment like?
It is a very friendly and casual atmosphere... you join 25 entrepreneurs and specialists (and 1 dog) working on changing the future of transportation! It is a very international, fast-paced and challenging environment but this is what makes it so interesting. You have a beautiful office in downtown Hamburg with people coming from all over the world and we are all working very closely together!
Mickael Arrestier
HR Business Partner at Wunder Carpool since 2015

Our Investors

Ruben Azrak
Serial entrepreneur that loves to invest in start ups!
Lei Wang
Twitter, Linkedin, Founder Qpou.com
Skye Buzzatto
@carXotic, Drive What Moves You. Former CTO of @Blue Star Learning. Investor in @ZoomCar India @Wunder Carpool + Angel Syndicates
Romain Brabant
Entrepreneur / Early Investor
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