Jobs at Wunder

Building the renewable utility of the future

What We're Building

Wunder makes investing in solar dead simple. We leverage our industry and technology expertise to connect accredited investors to diversified portfolios of large-scale solar projects across the country.

Wunder uses proprietary risk modeling technology to rigorously assess a wide range of solar projects sourced from our national network of top-tier installer partners. The best are selected for our funds and pooled together to offer an easy, instant and expert-calculated portfolio.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Wunder is the first solar company to be backed by Techstars.

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Jobs at Wunder

Wunder Team

Bryan Birsic
CEO at Wunder, my 3rd startup. Spent four years in VC. Started my career at Bain & Company.
Sam Beaudin
Founder @Wunder • Founder @AlphaBoost • Designer-in-Residence at @WGI Group
Dave Riess
Co-Founder and CTO @Wunder
Katie Bywater
I'm a people enthusiast with a passion for entrepreneurship, currently working in tech.
Joel Hawksley
Engineering leader with full stack expertise.
Ilyas Frenkel
Director of Growth working at @Wunder Before @Squarespace & @Tumblr
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Wunder Investors

Nicole Glaros
Chief Innovation Officer - @Techstars
Ari Newman
Partner @ Techstars on Ventures team. Formerly founder/CEO of Filtrbox (sold to Jive) + 15 years of experience as startup exec/founder. Techstars Alum.
Trevor Zimmerman
environmental engineer turned investor.