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At Wove, our company motto is "Better Together" — we were founded on the belief that incredible things can come out of the right kinds of partnerships. And nowhere is this power of cooperation more apparent than on the Wove team. We're a group of 19 smart, passionate, fun people, each of whom has accomplished great things on their own; but when we get together, something really amazing happens.

It's time to take that team to the next level, and that's where you come in. If you view recruiting as little more than filling open job reqs, then this role isn't for you. Sure, you could go be a mercenary somewhere where your only job is to put butts in seats, but you're looking for more: the ability to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else on the team and build something you're really proud of.

This is an early position at a young, well-funded startup, and you'll own one of the most important functions at the company. Your responsibilities will range from defining job profiles, to sourcing and recruiting top candidates, to analyzing our pipeline for bias. You'll be involved with every aspect of growing the team, and you'll report directly to the CTO.

As amazing as we expect you to be, we know you'll eventually need a team around you. We expect you to lay the groundwork for this.


* Own and operate the entire recruiting and hiring pipeline from sourcing to close.
* Work closely with our CTO to develop and improve our hiring thesis, strategy, and tactics.
* Own and improve our internal processes, interfacing with external vendors and tools when needed.
* Help us ensure the best candidate experience possible.


* At least 2 years of technical recruiting experience. Strong non-technical recruiters looking to make the switch are also welcome to apply.
* You must be excited about building a company. Wove is a young startup, and we're all in this together.
* Super organized and process-oriented. You'll manage a massive pipeline, and nothing can slip through the cracks.
* High emotional intelligence. Recognize, understand, and handle a wide range of emotional queues and temperaments.
* Entrepreneurial mindset. Write the playbook you want to follow.

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What We're Building

Wove’s mission is to transform business from individual companies working in isolation into communities of companies working together for mutual success. To support this goal, Wove is building the world’s largest network for inter-brand collaboration. Wove’s vision is backed by August Capital, Partech Partners, and a host of other top venture capitalists. To join the movement, visit wove.com

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