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You're a generalist in the true sense of the word. You don't know what challenges tomorrow may bring, but you're happy to hack away at them - from high performance back-end applications to sophisticated web apps.

You love the uncertainty and ownership that comes with working at an early stage startup. If you need someone to hand you a well-packaged engineering puzzle, then this job isn't for you; you'll see projects through from concept to production to iteration. Here's what a typical week might look like for you:

Monday: Make some changes to our data processing algorithms in order to improve the accuracy of our data. We process billions of data points about millions of consumer transactions every day.

Tuesday: Crunch some numbers. We have terabytes of data that we need to comb through on a regular basis.

Wednesday: Build some new admin tools. We have a complex web app that we use internally for analysis and configuration.

Thursday: Add a new feature to our customer dashboard. Our web application is used by hundreds of marketers on a regular basis.

Friday: Just got some mockups back from the design team - time to make some changes to the website.


Master of at least one scripting language (e.g., Ruby, Python, etc.) and at least one compiled language (e.g., Java, C/C++). Bonus points for Java and Ruby experience.

CS degree from a top school (or equivalent experience and talent). A strong background in CS fundamentals is a must for this position.

An appreciation for the delicate balance between expediency and elegance. You're a detail-oriented perfectionist who understands that sometimes "perfect is the enemy of good."

You must be incredibly smart and a fantastic engineer. Bonus points if your friends would describe you as one of the best engineers they know.

An all-around nice person who wants to surround themselves with other nice people. No jerks allowed.

Excited to work in downtown San Francisco. We will relocate you if necessary.

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What We're Building

Wove’s mission is to transform business from individual companies working in isolation into communities of companies working together for mutual success. To support this goal, Wove is building the world’s largest network for inter-brand collaboration. Wove’s vision is backed by August Capital, Partech Partners, and a host of other top venture capitalists. To join the movement, visit wove.com

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