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World Future Society

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We believe in uniting the champions of the future and leading humanity forward.

WFS is a global community of individuals and organizations united around our shared interests and our deep dedication to using a futurist mindset to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

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What We're Building

At the World Future Society we recognize the future is not linear. It is up to us as global citizens to envision the multitude of possible futures available to us. We seek to actively create our desired futures, together, as a worldwide community.

Founded in 1966, the World Future Society is the world’s leading community of future-minded citizens. A historic 501(c)(3) non-for-profit, the organization is driven by three powerful objectives;

1) Uniting people passionate about building their desired futures through an ecosystem of members, delegates, chapters and partners.

2) Advocating to bring to public awareness to the power of the futurist mindset. We ignite those who are making the choice to not live as passive bystanders but instead, as active creators of our futures.

3) Building an education platform where students of all ages, can prepare for an ambiguous future and learn to create global solutions and architect new systems that render the broken ones obsolete.

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World Future Society Team

Morgan Cook
Front End Developer, Former Operations Lead at @World Future Society. Founder and principal attorney of Legal MC, LLC.
Kimberly Kyle Hall
COO @World Future Society. Board @Impact Public Service Fund. Lead @NYC Startup Weekend. Co-Founder @Kalu Yala. Founder @Panama Epren. Week. Vanderbilt Alum.
Jeff Steele
Film finance expert who structures and packages premium ($15m+) to low-budget independent films, series, and technologies.