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Real-time People Analyitcs

Worklytics is a people analytics startup based in NYC. We build products to help companies develop their software engineering talent. Our products analyze data on work and collaboration in common productivity tools (Github, JIRA, Google Apps) to automatically adapt a talent development process to people individual skill and needs. Providing them with continuous feedback to develop and improve their technical skills.

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What We're Building

Worklytics helps engineering leaders build and manage top tier software development teams. We analyze work done in common productivity tools (e.g. GitHub, JIRA, GApps etc) and combine it with real-time feedback, to provide continual visibility into development productivity and performance.

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Worklytics Team

Philip Arkcoll
Founder at Worklytics -
Erik Schultink
Founder at @Worklytics formerly CTO at @Tuenti Technologies

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