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At WorkHound, we believe people should love the work they do. We live this as a team and through our product. We are building the megaphone for employees in industries where they don’t have the strongest voice. We’re starting in the trucking industry, the unseen engine of the American economy that touches everything. If you bought it a truck brought it. But right now trucking has a 95% driver turnover rate. Why? Because drivers don’t feel respected. We amplify their voice, help companies understand the needs of their staff, and improve their culture in the process. Read More
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What We're Building

WorkHound is an employee engagement mobile platform initially focusing on the trucking industry. WorkHound creates a three-step feedback loop for drivers of trucking companies to identify issues and areas of improvement, while providing companies with tools to take action to address the high turnover rates challenging the trucking industry.

Here’s how the feedback loop works:
The first step empowers truck drivers to share feedback with the company through a mobile experience. The second step provides stakeholders at the trucking company with a real-time insights dashboard to identify issues. This is available on both desktop and mobile. The third part of the platform enables companies to take specific action, responding to drivers directly or by broadcast message to the entire fleet.

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Max Farrell
Co-Founder at WorkHound. TedX & int'l speaker. Arkansas bred, Iowa fed. Facilitator @Startup Weekend. Formerly @Dwolla. Rap good in my spare time.
Andrew Kirpalani
Implementation at Avexus. Development at GCommerce. Pro Serv at Ensighten. Development > Product at Bunchball. All of the above at WorkHound. Iowa State Grad.

Our Investors

Tihan Seale
Entrepreneurial investor...
Jason DeStigter
10+ years as a founder/managing partner in private equity with recent entry into angel investing.
Michael Tanji
COO, Senrio Co-Founder, CSO, Kyrus Tech Co-Founder, CMO, Carbon Black CEO, Syndis B.S. Computer Science M.A. Computer Forensics CISSP

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