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The Project Management Platform for Google Apps

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What We're Building

Workep is a project management platform for Google Apps that completely automated and centralize the entire Suite to collaborate together.

that allows integrating all google services in one place combining automating tasks, now schedule a message to be sent as a task, associate google docs with a task just with one click, see all progress in a visual and automatic Gantt diagram, increasing control and ease for users leads to a decrease in lost time, the increase in productivity and save money.

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Workep Team

Carlos Eduardo Alvarez
Serial entrepreneur, founded 3 Startups. LinkCall (Video calls via Linkedin), Foodog (Food ordinance system) - Workep (Project Management for Google Apps).
Giga Chkhikvadze
I Have a good knowledge of an application life-cycle, I provide full software development process from scratch to delivery.

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