What We're Building

Work is perhaps one of the most important facets of life. It makes life meaningful. It is where we participate in activities where we intend to add value to the world. Leave the world a better place than where you started. This is where we as humans go beyond our personal selves and do something for the greater good.
This is where WorkAmp started. As WorkAmp we are trying to make 'work' better.
The step one to achieving our vision is - Coworking.
Coworking is just the step one as it simply aligns with what we want as humans, flexibility to choose our own terms, an extension of who we are, our innate need to socialize and to enjoy what we do.

Our first step is to build spaces. We will now mention the basis of how we build and what we are building.
1. Psychology of humans at a Workspace
2. Hospitality
3. Seamless Facility Management
4. Network, collaborate and thrive
5. Bespoke offices

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WorkAmp Team

Smeet Gala
Founder @WorkAmp • Studied at @Vjti (Mumbai University)
Gaurav Tamrakar
Operations and Business Development Professional
Sharon Mary Mathew
Associate Community Manager
Sangrila Amit Singh
Community Manager @WorkAmp
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