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Fast. Flexible. Staffing Reinvented.

We believe that work should be flexible. Smart, growing companies understand the value of a flexible workforce and workers are excited about the ability to work whenever, where ever, and for whomever they want. We make work flexible through our on-demand staffing platform, matching great companies with great people and enable work to get done now. Read More

What We're Building

Wonolo (stands for Work. Now. Locally.) is an on-demand staffing platform for businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily labor needs.

We solve the last mile staffing problem for Fortune 500 companies as well as Small-to-Medium businesses (think Coca-Cola merchandising, eCommerce fulfillment, Event staffing, Hotel housekeeping, etc). Wonolo allows companies to manage unpredictability by augmenting their existing labor force with hourly to daily Wonoloers who can come in within an hour and do the job.

Wonoloers are people who want the freedom of flexibility - the opportunity to choose when they work, where they work, for whom they work.

We believe that the traditional temp staffing model which is cumbersome, expensive and very manual, is ripe for disruption. We revolutionize staffing by removing the friction for both job requestors and job seekers.

We power the frontline workforce.

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Jobs at Wonolo

Wonolo Team

AJ Brustein
Co-Founder & COO of Wonolo.
Yong Kim
Co-Founder and Chief Servant. Passionate about empowering women/minority and giving back. Immigrated to US alone at 15. Enjoy making my 3 daughters laugh.
Beatrice Pang
Co-Founder of @True&Co (acquired by PVH Corp), Co-founder of @ModeWalk (acquired by Moda Operand), @Stanford University MBA.
Kristy Wen
Growth marketer working with mission-driven teams in SF.
Quang Dinh Le
One of the most talented Mobile Engineers I've ever worked with.
Max Murphy
BizOps / Analytics Manager @Wonolo. Business Development @Brightedge. Harvard College.
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Wonolo Investors

Steven Rutenberg
Startup/venture addict. Entrepreneur by nature. Early stage funding background. Lean startup fan and practitioner.
Hasan Aslanoba
Serial angel investor focused on Turkey and the US; also founder of Webnak (like Uship), MBA from National University.
Talmadge O'Neill
Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Co-founded Juvo+ & MeziMedia.
Michael Witz
Co-founder and CEO of @Redemption Games Founder @Mob Science, which was acquired by @SGN where I built Cookie Jam, Top 10 Mobile Game. Y Combinator Alum.
Raju Indukuri,M.D
Investor in healthcare and technology. Invests in startups to disrupt the obscenely costly healthcare market.
Jeff Heitzman
Managing Partner @ CTC Ventures, Syndicate Co-Lead @New Stack Ventures , Investor @Embark @Tovala @Quilt Data @Cybrary @Popular Pays @Jiobit @Adjoint
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