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Data Science For The Business

Wonderflow helps global brands make sense of what customers say about products and services. Our technology is used by several global leaders in different industries. We support 14 languages and almost 150 data sources. Learnings made by our clients with the Wonderboard impact the life of more than 1 billion people in 46 countries. Read More

What We're Building

Wonderflow is the most advanced tool to extract crucial insights out of consumer feedback. World leading brands use Wonderflow to drive product innovation and strategic marketing because:

1) they save up to 90% of their time exploring consumer feedback
2) they can validate their assumptions and discover new insights
3) they can measure customer appreciation of their products at a "feature level"
4) they can compare products with competitors in a few clicks

What our customers say:

"When we decide to improve a product I can find the insights I need from consumer feedback up to 10x faster with Wonderflow"

"The Wonderboard saved my ass many times when I had to prepare a marketing report and I didn’t have time to read hundreds of reviews"

"The fun part of using Wonderflow is when you go to the market with a product and you learn things you already know and, most importantly, things that you thought would be right but they are not."

Philips: https://vimeo.com/149177311

Jobs at Wonderflow

Wonderflow Team

Riccardo Osti
CEO at Wonderflow. Mentor at Rockstart, Author, Speaker.
Giovanni Gaglione
Computer engineer, focused on Data Science and entrepreneurship
Michele Ruini
Founder, UX / UI designer @Wonderflow Previous @TechPeaks Batch #1  @yocrowd  @metwit  - Master in Mathematic @ University of Florence.
Anne Audouin
Currently Operations Manager @Wonderflow Graduate in International Business Master degree. Bilingual, showing initiative, I'm always committed to what I do.
Emiliano Varrasi
Business Developer, MSc Corporate and Financial Management; MSc Business Development and Entrepreneurship
Claudia Mengasini
Bachelor in Statistics
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Wonderflow Investors

Rune Theill
Co-Founder & CEO @Rockstart Accelerator
Sander van der Blonk
Technology entrepreneur, seasoned marketer, digital innovation geek, and angel investor.
Steven van Houwelingen
Serial entrepreneur and investor. Sold his first company in 2012. Combines a solid technical background with an extensive experience in B2B markets. 

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