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Design is Joy. It’s what people remember. It’s what people feel. It’s what makes our customers fall in love over and over again. It’s the little things, the intangibles and it’s a part of everything we do. We believe design is not just how the product looks and feels but what it does. We prefer simple over complicated. Humans over robots. If you agree, join us.

What We're Building

At Joy, we believe software can help organize and bring people together in the real world. Digital tools can (and should) bring people closer together—online and offline. Joy fosters real relationships and real communication, helping people organize, share, and remember their important life events.

We are building a virtual event planner that aims to help people plan events both large and small. From a concert or a school reunion to a destination wedding on a tropical island. We are starting with one of the biggest life events - the wedding.

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Jobs at Joy

Joy Team

Michael Bach
Founder @Joy
Kaiwalya Kher
Co-Founder Joy (, Worked on Adobe Flash/Air runtimes for numerous Operating Systems. Worked a bit on speech recognition.
Vishal Joshi
Co-Founder & CEO of Y Combinator S16. Built Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET and Visual Studio in the past.
Kevin Tran
Programming is not just my job, it's my passion. React | Redux | SCSS | Webpack, Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | AWS | Heroku
Salil Joshi
Experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter. Currently helping with a startup to scale up their team.
Amy Hagelin
Frontend developer with a background in digital marketing for start-ups
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Joy Investors

Pete Flint
Venture Capital @ NFX. Founder/Former CEO at Trulia. Passionate about disruptive marketplaces & growth. Founding two billion dollar start-ups in two continents.
Yuri Sagalov
Part time partner at @Y Combinator. Co-Founder of @AeroFS by Redbooth (acquired by @Redbooth). @University of Toronto alumni
Louis Beryl
Founder and CEO of @Earnest. Part-time Partner at @Y Combinator . Former Partner @Andreessen Horowitz.
Justin Waldron
Co-Founder @Zynga (nasdaq: znga) • Angel Investor @Gigster, @HOOKED,, @Polychain Capital more • Advisor @Kik Interactive
Tirto Adji
Technologist, Founder, Investor.
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