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The place to fulfill every wish you have.

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What We're Building

Wishberg is the place to fulfill all your wishes.

Wishberg is where people share all their wishes (publicly & anonymously). We help people share their wishes, discover new things to do in life and help them express their wishes & wants. The community of users with similar wishes is formed and they share their hacks, stories and experiences for completing their wishes.

Our earlier version was transactional wishes and now we have moved towards personal wishes for the emotional connection users share with them.

Voted among the Top 100 startups to Watch for in 2014. Ranked at #3 in early stage startups in India.

June 2014: Wishberg acquired by FreeCharge

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Wishberg Investors

Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Partner at One97 Mobility Fund
Uday Sodhi
Mentor, Angel Investor, Built Internet Businesses in India in ecommerce, web services, online OTT digital media and online recruitment.
Shameek Chakravarty
Building Farmizen. In the past built SMB SAAS businesses at Lexity/Yahoo, online advertising businesses at Media. Engineer at heart