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Mike Vichich
CEO, Cofounder of
Tyler Felous
Co-founder, Head of Product. @NU math/econ, 2010.

Wisely helps consumers find and build relationships with their favorite merchants.

Online reviews are broken: there are undiscernable differences among venues, and fake reviews have run rampant.

Wisely's lifeblood is the real economy: how people actually spend money. We analyze consumer transaction data, and find places that *you* would like (think Netflix, but for the physical world). Plus, we offer reviews from real, credible customers.

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Why Us?

Imagine a world with democratized access to clean purchase transaction data - life would change for consumers, merchants, and third parties, like commercial lenders or even governments.

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Ann Arbor
1-10 employees
Mobile Commerce, Big Data, Local, Personal Finance
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mobile developer
Android Developer
$60K – $110K Salary
0.2% – 1.0% Equity
Full Time · Ann Arbor


Tim Jellison
Tim Jellison
Helping software companies grow. Former managing director with Accenture in comms, media & technology, including several years as global software industry lead.
Chewse, Good.Co,

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