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Signals intelligence and security for the enterprise.

Wiretap is a cloud intelligence platform that aims to adopt the latest advancements in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics to amplify enterprise value by monitoring the social graph. We really believe that we can harness the power of our platform’s insights into human behavior and interactivity to create great value for the enterprise. We have only built a fraction of what we imagined and now we're looking for incredibly talented people to help us achieve our aspirational vision.

What We're Building

Wiretap is a highly granular cloud security platform that provides compliance and risk mitigating controls for enterprise social networks. Our SaaS or on-premises platform first launched on Microsoft Yammer but we are in the process of extending it into Slack, Facebook at Work and other cloud providers.

Wiretap has hundreds of thousands of licensed users and 7 figures of revenue in the first year. We've licensed some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world. We're looking to take this product to the next level and become the Salesforce of the cloud security industry.

Team Photo for the Columbus Dispatch
Ice cream snack break for Employee Appreciation Day 2018
Team picture @ 2017
The first "La Croix Taste Test & Guess" at the Wiretap office.
We have only built a fraction of what we've imagined.
Founders @ where it all started, Staufs Coffee in Columbus.
Volunteering at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House.
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Jobs at Wiretap

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