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Online platform to prepare for IIT JEE and other exams.

Winuall aims to concentrate and channelize the efforts of all exam aspirants in the right direction, in order to achieve the maximum.
Being alumni from an institute at Kota, we ourselves have faced the issue of not being able to find answers even after tirelessly searching in the books, notes and the internet. So to solve this we founded Winuall.
Usually when a student comes across a question that he is not able to solve it should be shown immediately, because over the course of time it get’s forgotten. So we created a source of information where you can ask questions and get it answered by experts from Kota. For us quality is always paramount. Every Winuall expert is verified by us so that you can get the best.

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We at Winuall strive to deliver excellence in education online. Our aim is to digitalize the Education completely.

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Jobs at Winuall

Winuall Team

Ashwini Purohit
VIT University, Vice President - Google Developers Group Vellore. Language : Python, Backend Developer, interest in Data Analytics
Vijay Nandwani
CEO at Espresso Labs, Computer Science SNU 2018, Google Summer of code
Pallavi Gupta
Experienced Android Developer; Skilled in Python, C++, Java, and C; Computer Science Engineering with minor in Economics from Shiv Nadar University
Shubhang Arora
Shiv Nadar Universty, Backend Developer, Made API for Android Applications, Laravel Developer in a Kota(Rajasthan) based startup.

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