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Wingly is working on democratizing the light aviation. Everybody shall have access to small planes. We will make it possible with introducing flight sharing to the world.

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What We're Building

Wingly is a innovative flight sharing platform. We connect travelers and hobby pilots. People can simply get a ride on a small plane or helicopter. Enjoy beautiful landscapes with the majority of discovery flights we offer or enjoy a wonderful day trip to an island. Pilots share their passion and the costs, which are the key reasons for them to share. Within the first months of launch we gathered ten thousands of fans, users and have been featured in major media channels.

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Open Positions


Lars Klein
Founder of Wingly. Frequent traveller. Self-Employed since childhood.
Emeric de Waziers
Founder @Wingly Student in third year at Ecole Polytechnique - Entrepreneurship Master- Founder at Esprit Co' - Private pilote and aviation fan!
Bertrand Joab-Cornu
Founder @Wingly Ecole Polytechnique master in entrepreneurship and environmental engineering Aeronautic school SUPAERO student
Dovydas Gutparakis
UX/UI designer who is searching for intership
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Our Investors

Felix Haas
Founder @Amiando, @IDnow, TiberiumSun. Host and Chairman Bits & Pretzels. Angel Investor in 80+ startups. TU Munich, @ETH Zurich, @Stanford University.

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