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Wild Ventures is an angel fund of health & wellness influencers. We invest in consumer health products & tech – and market to millions.

We believe that the best way to combat chronic health conditions is lifestyle – not pills and surgery – so we look for companies that empower people to lead healthier lives.

When we find a product we love and believe in – made by founders who are true believers – we can reach people who care about healthy living. A lot of them.

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We intend to do 10-15 deals over the next couple years and will be syndicating all of them on AngelList. Wild Ventures does not do a deal unless 1) a critical mass of our health & wellness influencers are willing to support and promote the company; 2) we can secure a large enough allocation to make it worth our time and effort.

John Durant
Founder of Wild Ventures. NYT bestselling author of The Paleo Manifesto, Spartan Fit. Featured by NYT, NPR, Colbert.
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Nick Green
Co-founder and Co-CEO @Thrive Market
Mark Sisson
Founded Primal Nutrition, Inc. 1997, Founded Primal Blueprint Publishing 2009, Founded Primal Kitchen 2015.
Katie Wells
Founder of Best selling author, podcaster and entrepreneur.
Gunnar Lovelace
Serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor. Currently Founder and Co-CEO of Thrive Market.
Joseph DeSena
All too often we spend our waking hours trying to find and stay comfortable in our own lives. We look for short cuts, gadgets, and processes to make things easier, seeking what we consider personal fulfillment. We believe that there are things we can d
Chris Kresser
I'm a health detective specializing in investigative medicine, blogger, podcaster, teacher and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast.
Robb Wolf
Former research bio-chemist, New York Times Best Selling author, consultant for Naval Special Warfare Resiliency program.
Michael Geary
Founded Irollie Marketing LLC; sold over 1.1million ebooks; recently acquired; Investor/advisor for TheAlternativeDaily and Mindful Health LLC
Durant crushed it. He's been our top advisor, directly helping us raise capital from all the right people in health & fitness. The influencers he brought in were directly responsible for driving the traffic that resulted in hundreds of thousands of registered users and enabled the...more
Aside from our friends and family, John was the first outside person to get involved in Exo. He’s helped us make incredible connections, raise capital, promote our launch, get media, and navigate strategic issues -- but never micro-managed or dictated our company direction. And really, how many...more
John's the real freakin' deal. Most advisors offer introductions and help, then never follow through-- but John always does and then some. His thoughtful intros have directly led to meaningful investments, smart partnerships, and more. He's also super knowledgeable about the market...more
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