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What is Unique 1. Top rated courses from across the world through respected Global Academic Institutes and Industry experts to our learners 2. Flexible delivery channels - Web app, Mobile app & Digital TV 3. Goal focussed learning, the intelligent platform learns the personal & professional goal of individuals and then prescribes learning pathway to achieve the same. Read More

What We're Building

WIISE is a venture with a vision to make World's best learning content available to the remotest.

On-demand, short-term certification courses from world's best practitioners and reputed Institutions through Web, Mobile, Centres and TV channels. Helping individuals achieve personal and professional goals.

WIISE - World Institute of Innovation, Skills & Entrepreneurship.

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Jobs at #WIISE


Swathi Ravali
L&D specialist with 4 years of experience in driving end to end learning solutions to create favorable results for organizations and its stake holders.
Divyanjali Kalasapati
HR Associate at #WIISE
Venkata Ramana Gudipati
at #WIISELearn