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Lyft of Shared Group Travel - “Powering human connection through travel.”

Our mission is to create solutions that will empower people to abandon the system and live fuller, deeper, more intention driven lives through travel while creating positive social and economic change on a global scale. To achieve this we must begin with the right foundation which starts with a culture of transparency and collaboration founded upon freedom and innovation and a team that is performance driven and customer focused that documents and shares the things we do so that we are able to grow a sustainable and lasting organization for generations to follow. Read More

What We're Building

We aim to become the NextGen Travel Company that will disrupt the traditional OTA (online travel agency) model by socializing and adding a human element to booking and experiencing travel.

WiGo is an online travel community and marketplace, that consist of mobile tech savvy adventurist who see travel as a way of life and want to inspire others to join the movement.
• DISCOVER and join authentic group trips created and experienced with likeminded travelers
• CREATE and share unique adventures with friends and other travelers from around the world
• CONNECT and engage in conversations with other travelers while exchange wisdom and advice

Competitive Advantage: 1) Our brand 2) Member content. 3) Our personality assessments 4) Personality and behavior based learning systems 5) Enhanced reviews that are engineered to remove biased reviews

Jobs at WiGo Trips

WiGo Trips Team

Jaqui McCarthy
Creator of three P2P communities & now working on the 4th, WiGo Trips, a "trip sharing" travel platform for adventurist. *** Seeking Mentors ***

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