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Welendus is a UK based technology finance startup developing an all new peer-to-peer lending platform. Read More
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We believe that short-term borrowers in the UK do not get good service from their lenders. This has led to a large decline in the market since its peak in 2013. However, the need for short-term loans increased during that period with the market decline mainly due to the typical bad customer treatment within the industry.

Welendus aim to re-define the short-term lending market by introducing the first peer-to-peer short-term lending platform. In addition, Welendus is looking provide an affordable, clear, simple, easy to use, and flexible short-term loans with a high level customer service to help people in short-term financial needs borrow money other people just like them at a much better rate than existing short-term lenders.

In return, lenders providing the loans will earn higher returns on their savings with Welendus than what they would normally get from the bank.

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