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What We're Building

New and expecting parents spend thousands of dollars on products they've never used before, from brands they've never heard of.

Everyone knows social referrals are powerful -- but to parents making high-stakes decisions for their families, they're a necessity. And for baby and kids' brands, social referrals are the most cost-effective way to reach their customer in the very short window when they're making purchasing decisions.

weeSpring makes shopping easy for mom and dad by showing them the products that their friends love... not just on, but on brands' and retailers' sites.

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Jack Downey
I'm currently creating the future of Pubtech at @sovrn. Previously, I founded @weeSpring and led digital for NY State. I'm a Techstars, Dartmouth & NYU alum.
Allyson Downey
CEO and co-founder @weeSpring, a TechStars start-up. @Columbia MBA and MFA, undergrad @Colby. Idea volcano.

Our Investors

Adam Fischman
Idea Engineer. Looking to grow, invest in start-ups. Previously Biz Dev, @Personal, @Sapient. Studied @Cornell University, @Georgetown University.
Jeannine Torres
Consultant. Advisor. Investor. Entrepreneur.
Graham Gullans
Founder @LiftMetrix and @Empire Angels • Investor in ZoomCar, Juno, StatSocial, Socure, Hullabalu, Human Demand and many others. Graham is an LP in 3 VC Funds.
Nicole Glaros
Chief Product Officer - @Techstars
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