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Business development | Digital strategy internship position at

New York City · Internship
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Job Description

We are a young SaaS startup with European roots, which is now based in New York City. Our product is a modern, creative, productivity application, which is meant to be much more than that.

Think Trello on Steriods. Imagine a new way of interacting with the web.

Your tasks will involve working on marketing strategies and sales. Some other work will be about reaching out to establish B2B partnerships. You will play an essential role in building market visibility on multiple levels.

You also have:
- Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
- Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Strong organizational and planning skills in a fast-paced environment
- A creative mind with an ability to suggest improvements

then we are excited to meet you soon! :-)

This position provides you the chance to grow into a co-founder position.

If you are ready to think big, see yourself open-minded, have some international background or language skills, this is a big bonus (e.g. Russian, German).

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What We're Building

Webjets is a creative desktop for ideas, projects, and collaboration. Enjoy the full freedom of a whiteboard and a toolbox for structured organizing at the same time.

Webjets combines content and apps within one environment. Visualize and group information the way it best fits your workflow. Work with your favorite apps like Google Docs, YouTube, and Wikipedia right within Webjets.

No more switching focus between many productivity tools and browser tabs. All you need at hand.

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Paul Savich
Director at Webjets Ltd
Ildar Gross
Human Resources Director at Webjets Investors

Ekaterina (Katya) Dorozhkina
Entrepreneur • Investor @Starta Capital & Co-founder @Starta Accelerator •Published Author •Founder @denartny & creator of products for mixed kids