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We're building the future of web design and web publishing. Design and build a product for over 500,000+ designers, developers, and professionals worldwide.

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What We're Building

Webflow is the first design and hosting platform built from the ground up for the mobile age.

It is the only hosted service that allows designers to create websites that work on every device, and push it live production without a developer.

TechCrunch: http://tcrn.ch/16HoHXp
VentureBeat: http://bit.ly/vb_webflow

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Jobs at Webflow

Webflow Team

Vlad Magdalin
Co-founder/CEO of @Webflow
Sergie Magdalin
Co-founder / CPO @Webflow
Bryant Chou
Co-Founder CTO/CMO @Webflow, former CTO at @Vungle. ex @Intuit, @Qualcomm, @Websense, and @Symantec. @UCSD CS
Tim Dalrymple
Growth Manager at @Webflow // Previously worked on @Vango @Trusper @Vungle
John Moore-Williams
Copywriter, content strategist, + UX guy. B2B marketer, blogger, email writer. 10+ years experience at LinkedIn, Esurance, InVision.
Craig Condon
Programmer, open sourcerer.
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Webflow Investors

Sue Xu
Sue Xu ,
Worked at @Amino Capital Capital as Partner and Operation• Studied at @Stanford University and @University of Utah
Eric Bahn
Co-Founder & General Partner at Hustle Fund.
Tim Draper
Founder and a Managing Director of @DFJ
Benjamin Ling
GP at @Khosla Ventures, Sr Director Search Products @Google • Sr Director of Partnerships, Content & Platforms @YouTube • Director of Platform @Facebook
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