Housing & Community as a Service

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What We're Building

Did you ever move to another city or country and had problems of finding the right apartment?

Did you ever have issues with local authorities, your cleaners, or even your landlord because you were not speaking the same language or they were taking advantage of you?

Did you ever feel that the people around have a completely different scope of interest which makes it hard for you to connect?

We at PROJECTS feel called upon to flip those problems and provide a hassle-free product, and eventually an amazing (abroad) experience for our customers.

We rent out fully furnished and fully serviced co-living apartments to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We'll make sure that roommates will get along very well and create a community around all of our customers/members.

What our customers love about PROJECTS: a lot of organized meetups and events for all members.

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Luca Bovone
Building housing of the future.
Daria Schirrmeister
Operations manager & team lead, skilled in establishing, scaling and improving physical aspects of work spaces and real estate in general.
Kateryna Latysh
Worked in business development, but didn't really like it. Switched to content marketing and now mixing content marketing with community management.
Camille Meister
Work at PROJECTS. Went to ESSEC Asia Pacific - Singapore
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