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wearable technology platform for clinical research

Empowering investigators, patients and sponsors with comprehensive tools to transform clinical research.

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What We're Building

Wavelet shortens health research and development processes by increasing the speed, volume and quality of data collected in clinical research.

Using its wearable devices, proprietary algorithms and mobile applications, Wavelet facilitates remote and continuous monitoring of enrolled participants in studies.

Raw waveform data and various physiologic and activity parameters are shared with clinical research partners enabling them to draw more objective conclusions from their research and more quickly and efficiently execute on research objectives.

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Wavelet Team

Abe Carter
CEO / Co-Founder at Wavelet. Startup entrepreneur. Wearables evangelist.
David Scott
Entrepreneur. Relentlessly committed to changing the quality of personal healthcare through wearable technology.
Jamis Johnson
M.S. Columbia University, @hackNY fellow, double B.S. math and CS, machine learning sage
Tsai Meng-Ting
Carnegie Mellon University. Software Engineer at wavelethealth
Trishul Mallikarjuna
ECE & Music Technology MS Graduate, Generalist Software Programmer for 8+ years, Mobile App Developer, Web Designer, Game Developer, Music & Audio Technologist
ChiYo Hsiao
Lead Android Developer build smart wearable device app
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