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11-50 Employees · $11M Series A in 2013... ·
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Millions of engaged users. Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is solving something huge: reorganizing all of the world's shopping around people.   Read More...

Millions of engaged users. Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is solving something huge: reorganizing all of the world's shopping around people.

We are the only social platform 100% focused on products and commerce and a community of millions of addicted users. See what users say here:

We are simply one of the most productive, positive, no-BS, drama-free, pragmatic teams in Silicon Valley. We are insanely focused and launch things at alarming rates.

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Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is the best way to shop on your phone. Millions of people use Wanelo to discover and buy products from over 600,000 stores, ranging from large global retailers to small independent boutiques.

Mobile Commerce
Social Commerce
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Wanelo Jobs : Screenshot
Deena Varshavskaya
Grew up in Siberia. Love fruit. Founder and CEO of
Whitney Sales
Founder The Sales Method • Worked at @Wanelo, @Demandbase • Studied at @University of California, San Diego
Siyamed Sinir
Working for @Wanelo
Ross Golding
Helping Wanelo find amazing people. Lived/worked abroad, love to brainstorm and implement new ideas. Give me a problem, i'll solve it.
Karen To
Head of Communications @Wanelo
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Slow Ventures
Ideas for the long term.
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Kevin Colleran
Managing Director @Slow Ventures, Advisor @General Catalyst Partners. First 10 Employees @Facebook. @Wall Street Journal Columnist.
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