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Walkthrough embodies the hustle of Uber, customer service of Zappos, and the transparency of Buffer. We describe ourselves as competitive, entrepreneurial, and hustlers. A team of high-performers. Read More
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Job Description

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When you work with us you can expect:
- Salary of $35,000/year
- Equity options of 0.05% (This is roughly equivalent to $6k at our $12 million company valuation. Should the company reach a $1billion valuation over the next 5 years, this would cash out to ~$500k. In the interview, ask us how we expect to achieve that)
- $1,000 towards your company computer or office furniture
- Time off when you want it (20 days paid vacation including sick days)
- We cover half of your Health Insurance after 2 months of employment

Throughout your day you might:
- respond to emails of those interested in working with us
- follow up over the phone/email with potential customers to schedule their first listing with us
- attend meetings at local brokerages and dish out our free offering (people love you for this)
- give Virtual Reality demo’s to our highest producing clients showing our vision or getting them involved in using VR
- add notes about every interaction with our customers into a CRM
- research & find top producers to get warm introductions to (we may link cash bonuses for bringing in these customers)

This role is one you’d probably want because:
- being part of a company that's making an industry make a technologies leap is exciting to you
- you want to join a rapidly growing team. 8 months ago we were a team of 4. You’ll be joining employee #14 and we expect to grow to 100+ people by the end of the year.
- you want to work at a startup. One that's venture backed and generating revenue. We’ve averaged 50% growth in revenue over the last 7 months.
- you think helping a company scale operations from 2-100 cities would be valuable for your career.

This is for you if:
- People like you. You're one of those people are immediately attracted to. An infectious attitude.
- You are independent and want to be a part of a hyper growth company.
- You probably were an athlete or do some regular physical activity. ie. You are disciplined.
- You’ve probably read “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie
- You enjoy talking to people over the phone everyday

About Us:
Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience.

Learn more about our team, funding, and press here:

Why we need you:
We're rapidly expanding to 10-25 cities this year which means we’ll be fielding emails and phone calls from 1000s of customers that we need to respond to. That's where you come in.

If you're interested, this is the application process:
- Fill out the form below
- You and I (Pascal) will hop on a video call to help you better understand the role and see if there is a culture fit.
- If we’re a good fit, you’ll hop on a video call with Heather, our operations manager. You two will spend a lot of time together, so this to get to know each other and see if you'd make a great team.
- From there you’ll hop on a video interview with Jeremy, our CTO, to review your technical chops.
- If we’re all happy, we’ll invite you out to our Denver HQ to spend the day with us.
- If you still like us after a couple happy hour drinks, we’d love to bring you into our family.

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What We're Building

Today we’ve built a tool & marketplace streamlining real estate photography for real estate agents. Tomorrow we’re the platform to order anything related to selling a property (cleaning, staging, appraisals, inspections, renovations). We’ll focus on what brings the most value to the world.

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