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Push a button, get your dog walked.

Wag! launched with a simple customer proposition. Tap a button and get your dog walked. Sounds simple enough, but there's enormous complexity behind this. It's a challenge we love optimizing every single day. Read More
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What We're Building

Push a button, get your dog walked. Wag puts a trusted dog walker in your pocket!

Wag allows you and your dog to get what you both need out of the day. You’ll receive a push notification when the walk starts, followed by real-time gps tracking of the walk. Once the walk is complete, you’ll receive a report card with a photo, notes, the distance traveled and a pee/poop report. All walkers are background checked, insured, bonded and Wag Certified.

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Wag Team

Joshua Viner
Founder @Wag
Jason Meltzer
Founder @Wag
Mike DeVerna
COO @Wag Led viral growth at @BranchOut to 30M users ($49M funding) Growth Advisor @Soma Water. Early Growth at @Hired
Melvin Tercan
VP of Engineering at @Wag. I build teams and products for startups.
Esha Shah
Growth & product
Susannah Jones
Recruiting Coordinator at Wag!

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