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Digital Electricity technology enables touch-safe high power energy transmission.

We've had AC and DC electricity for over 100 years. Help build solutions on a new type of power: Digital Electricity.

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What We're Building

VoltServer's Digital Electricity technology combines energy and data into packets of electricity that allows touch-safe electrical transmission at high power levels, using small gauge conductor cabling. The product drastically reduces power infrastructure installation time and cost, and provides inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

VoltServer began shipping in early 2015, and today Digital Electricity powers 4G/LTE mobile services in many large sports stadiums, office towers, hotels, condominiums and medical buildings.

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VoltServer Team

Stephen Eaves
Founder VoltServer • Founder Modular Energy Devices, Acquired by EnerSys • Founder Eaves Devices, maker of B2 Bomber Electronics • 16 Patents many Publications
Thom Nichols
Senior Software dev @VoltServer. Formerly @SendGrid Labs and R&D lead at @EnerNOC

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