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Senior Full-stack Developer interested in the Airline Industry at Volantio

Atlanta · Full Time

Our team is passionate about travel - between us we've hiked to Everest Base Camp, toured almost every corner of South East Asia, traveled the United States for a year in a Winnebago, and visited 80+ countries. If you love travel, this is the place for you.

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Job Description

What you tell your friends you do:

Remember stories about passengers being angrily removed from flights because the airline oversold them? You solve that problem.

Here's some recent news coverage about us and the programs we power:

What you will really be doing:

Volantio is a SaaS travel technology company that allows major airlines to better manage their inventory and improve customer experience by dynamically rebalancing flight loads based on changing demand.

In cases of overbooking, increased demand or flight delays, our system can detect the situation and automatically swing into action. By proactively contacting customers in real-time, the platform coordinates voluntary passenger moves by making personalized offers to move to an alternate flight, freeing up much needed seats on the “problem” flights. This process can often be done well in advance of the departure date, which means that this is a rare airfare product that can make both passengers *and* airlines better off.

This dynamic introduces much-needed liquidity into a previously “one-way” market, and has the potential to fundamentally change the underlying economics of selling airline tickets (or travel product in general).

You will work on all aspects of this system, from suggesting features and improvements to styling user interfaces and configuring the database. Over the course of any given month you can expect to write an integration with an airline backend system, design and add user interface features, test machine-learning models of user behavior based on aggregated historical data, visit an airline Revenue Management team in person, and more.

How will you be doing this:

You'll work with Django, Postgres, React, TypeScript, Python and more. We value continuous integration and delivery, and developer comfort. Consequently, testing and deployment is as simple as git-push, which triggers build/test/deploy through Docker/Kubernetes/AWS pipelines. Even your development environment is easy: pull down a git repository and then type a single command to start a full local Kubernetes cluster using minikube.

Quality is important: You'll build automated tests for both the back- and front-end of our software, using the python unittest/Mocha/Jest test frameworks. If a bug does slip through, you'll have the authority to work on it with highest priority - the end result being that there are often no known bugs in the system.


You'll be a core member of the 7 person development team. All of Volantio's technology is built and maintained by this small group; so from day 1 the software you write will be used by people from all over the world.

Individual personal growth is a high priority. We schedule time every week to explore an interest or learn something new. For instance, our migration to Docker/Kubernetes came out of this investment time. Team members have used it to do everything from learning new data science techniques, to experimenting with the office HoloLens. We also take time each day to discuss what we're working on, pair program, and review each others code in order to both learn and teach. There's no risk of stagnation in this job - in a few years you'll still have cutting edge programming skills.

The company is located at the gorgeous Flatiron building in Atlanta. We value a relaxed/fun workplace and lunch is often spent in one of the many adjacent restaurants, discussing the finer points of quadcopter racing, the latest technology to pop up on Hacker News, the best bicycle routes around Atlanta, and more. Our work spans multiple technologies, countries, cultures, and languages (both programming and spoken), so we value high quality communication and a continuous process of learning from each other.

Skills & Requirements:

We're looking for someone with extensive development experience who can help the team grow, either as a mentor to other developers, or as an expert in some web application related technology or skill set. The minimum experience that we are currently hiring is 4 or more years of professional web application development experience. This means at least passing familiarity with some kind of web framework such as django or ruby on rails, an understanding of javascript (or something that compiles down to javascript!), and a couple of years employed using those skills. Unfortunately, we're not currently able to hire developers straight out of a coding boot camp, or to hire remote employees.

If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you. Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: resume, GitHub profile, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.

We offer:

Vacation (because we all love to travel)
100% Covered Benefits (Health, Dental, Vision, 401k)
Friday Team Lunches around Atlanta

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What We're Building

Volantio is a leader in travel technology software focused on revenue and capacity optimization for airlines.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Volantio partners with major airlines globally such as Qantas, Iberia, Alaska Airlines, Volaris, Jetstar Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Scoot-Tigerair, and others.

The company’s Yana platform enables airlines to generate incremental revenue and reduce operational costs, while putting greater predictability and control back into the hands of their customers.

We are backed by institutional and strategic investors from around the world including Ingleside Investors, JetBlue Technology Ventures, International Airlines Group (IAG), and Qantas Ventures.

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