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Vivacity Labs

Machine Learning / Computer Vision Researcher at Vivacity Labs

London · Full Time
We provide smart, hyper-local data for smart cities and intelligent transport systems. We are rolling out thousands of cameras across the UK, using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to provide real-time hyper-local transport data to councils and citizens. We're the kind of people who work because we love what we do and what we're aiming for - who love to have ideas and make them happen. Read More
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Job Description

Vivacity are revolutionising road transport, introducing digital transport infrastructure to improve operation of traffic signals, traffic management, and ultimately autonomous vehicles. We create intelligent cameras with on-board video analytic capabilities, gathering real-time information to quantify the movement of pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists. Currently rolling out thousands of cameras across the UK, with backing from both industry leaders & top VC firms, we are seeking a researcher to join our world class team.

Joining as a machine learning researcher you will be expected to show initiative while receiving significant support from current team members. You will carry out research into new algorithms, leveraging the latest academic research to develop prototypes of the most promising approaches, and support the continual improvement of our underlying models. In all these tasks, it will be your strong machine learning / computer vision experience and appetite for the latest technologies which will enable you to thrive in this role.

You should be a developer or researcher with:
• At least 3 years of experience with modern computer vision techniques and approaches through a PhD or previous commercial role ;
• Proven ability to pick up new technologies, frameworks and skills rapidly;
• Ability to thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment;
• Strong collaborative and interpersonal skills;
• The ambition and enthusiasm to drive the company and your team forward, including a thirst to learn from and contribute to team knowledge.

A proven track record of publications in top-tier conferences/journals would be a significant bonus. We would also value experience across broader software development, particularly of Agile development methodologies and Continuous Integration, Testing & Deployment.

We offer significant equity options, extremely flexible working policies and the opportunity to shape the future of a rapidly-growing startup. Please get in touch!

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What We're Building

We are implementing transport-focused smart cities, using cameras with on-board machine learning in order to quantify movement of pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists, and then building advanced predictive AI systems around this data.

Our main customers are local governments, infrastructure owners and transport providers. Real-time data from a network of video feeds enable them to react to demand, improve safety and improve the utilisation of their assets; and prediction gives them the foresight to pre-empt problems in their network, rather than simply reacting.

Our systems use the latest machine learning and computer vision techniques, run on bespoke, low-cost, easy-to-install hardware. All the edge intelligence is in the software, enabling remote updating and reducing hardware obsolescence and cost.

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