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Pay-as-you-go basic services for the BoP

Do you believe someone earns the right to be born into a specific situation? How is it determined that someone is born into a household with potable water, electricity or internet and someone is born into another one with no access? At Vitaluz we believe this is due to chance and therefore we own the responsibility of using the benefits chance has presented us in order to balance that scale. We are passionate about using our skills to reduce the socioeconomic gap in developing countries and specifically about ensuring that every person has access to the basic services they need to develop their full potential. Read More
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What We're Building

We've developed a software and hardware technology platform that enables us to operate and offer a range of basic services to the BoP through a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model. Our PAYG technology can be applied to off-grid photovoltaic systems and fluid systems that provide gas or water. Through partnerships with manufacturers and distributors focused on solar off-grid photovoltaic and solar hot water systems we provide electricity and hot water services to the population that currently lacks access to these services.

Systems are installed for free in the users' households. Through our PAYG platform, users can purchase daily, weekly or monthly electricity and hot water codes in local community kiosks, convenience stores or with credit or debit cards using Vitaluz's proprietary technology. All this process can be done without the need of internet access or mobile data. We plan to add potable water and gas to the services we offer in the future.

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Vitaluz Team

Yusef Jacobs Kuri
Founder and CEO @Vitaluz
Miguel Calderón
Co-Founder @Vitaluz, @Cuatro Creative Labs

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What are some of the toughest engineering problems Vitaluz is facing now?
Develop metering hardware that can be remotely activated and deactivated in places with no internet or GSM connectivity.
Yusef Jacobs Kuri
CEO at Vitaluz