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Vitally provides B2B startups with the metrics and insights necessary to achieve rapid growth, reduce churn, and build wildly successful customers. Just plug in your Segment or Mixpanel account, and Vitally will help you understand if customers are setup for success and finding recurring value from your product. From there, you can integrate your revenue/subscription data and gain insight into which features result in increased willingness to pay, how much total MRR is engaged vs unengaged with your product, and a whole lot more!

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Jobs at Vitally

Vitally Team

Jamie Davidson
Co-founder/CEO at Vitally. Previously co-founder, CTO, and CCO at Pathgather and CTO at Abroad101. Full stack Javascript engineer as well. I keep busy :)
Patrick Vatterott
Co-founder/CTO @Vitally

Vitally Investors

Alex Iskold
Managing Director, Techstars in NYC. 2x founder, now invest in amazing founders at Techstars. I blog a lot about startups and VC ==>

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