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Augmented Reality Sidekick for Technicians

Work with smart and enthusiastic people who are exploring the future, at the cutting edge of wearable technology and ubiquitous computing. Push the needle, and have fun doing it! Read More
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What We're Building

Vital is leveraging Augmented Reality to revolutionize quality assurance for enterprises engaged in manufacturing and servicing the most complex machines that exist today, such as DNA sequencers and spacecraft. The Vital View software platform for smart glasses targets the billions of dollars lost every year to human error and wasted human resources, by significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of technicians engaged in complex tasks. Vital View does this by delivering: task instructions that are available at a glance and hands-free; auditable photo logging of work completed; and see-what-I-see telepresence for remote quality inspections and expert support.

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Vital Enterprises Team

Ash Eldritch
CEO & Co-founder @Vital Enterprises, product leader with 17 years’ experience as a software engineer, architect and serial founder.
Aaron Vargas
CTO and Co-Founder @Vital Enterprises. We put work instructions and telepresence onto smart glasses to allow skilled workers to be more productive
Jian Chen
Android, Mobile + Mobile Web, Design UI/UX
Matthew Rubin
Full stack programmer with complimentary design background and growing understanding of business operations. Strong vision and leadership qualities.
Andrew Donato
Submariner, nuclear electrician, logistics manager in the US Navy. Electrician at Amtrak. BA from UC Irvine. Freelance web developer. Lead QA Engineer at Vital.
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Vital Enterprises Investors

Dennis Doane
Consultant, advisor and investor in med tech startups. Thorough knowledge of the business development and sales process for new technologies in healthcare.

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