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Reimagining the College Admissions Office

Students and parents will visit 6-9 campuses before making one of the largest and emotionally-driven purchases in life , one only rivaled by purchasing a house or paying for a wedding. Read More
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What We're Building

VisitDays enables prospective college students to physically meet and engage with current students and admissions officers.

Institutions purchase a SaaS license to seamlessly engage with prospective students and gain actionable data for the students visiting their campus.

Prospective students register for campus visits, information sessions and off- campus recruitment events on institutions’ websites. In addition, prospective students can also use VisitDays to request one-on-one on demand campus meetings with current students.

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Michael Moore
Co-founded @VisitDays, previously at @The Advisory Board Company, develops and integrates enterprise systems, and is a science nerd who loves playing sports
Anthony DeLuise
VP Product at @VisitDays, Studied at @American University
Curtis Leo Bolduc
Competitive skier turned passionate salesmen.

Our Investors

BOSS Syndicate
Founders backing founders in BOSTON.
Jere Doyle
Serial entrepreneur, angel and advisor to startups. Founded Prospectiv and Global Marketing. Knack for customer acquisition and marketing.
Walt Doyle
Technology operator and exec. Advisor/investor. Ran @Where until the sale to @PayPal. Previously @ZDNet and @Mapquest.
Steve Taylor
Chairman Neighborhood Bancorp Chairman Taylor Asset Management, Inc.
Jim Moran
Veteran entrepreneur, Ceo & Venture Capitalist with successful outcomes at @Paydiant, @Covergence, @Edocs, @Virtusa and @CheckFree.
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