Distributed Systems Engineer at Vintra

Barcelona · Full Time

Vintra is working for a safer world where public safety, corporate and national security users can leverage video to solve crimes, save lives and secure assets. Today, searching and reviewing video surveillance is time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors. As the world is digitized through an explosion of static and mobile cameras, the need is emerging for fast and accurate technology to automatically and intelligently search through recorded video. This capability can be the difference between solving a crime and stopping a threat or missing a key opportunity.

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Job Description

At Vintra we are making the world of video searchable, alertable, and intelligible, helping our customers “know what the cameras know”. Our researchers are developing and improving upon cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and techniques for video analytics, in order to surpass state-of-the-art results in performance and accuracy. Our systems team is responsible for creating and maintaining our video analytics application, and packaging and deploying our machine learning models as part of our highly available, high-throughput, low-latency processing pipeline, in the cloud, on premises and at the edge.

Our machine learning team is based in Barcelona, Spain, and our systems engineering is in Barcelona and San Jose, California. We are currently continuing to build out our technical team by attracting top engineers and researchers in both locations. As a small team working on exciting problems in a rapidly growing industry, we offer the opportunity to make a significant impact working on extremely challenging real-world problems, alongside other smart, motivated coworkers, for actual paying customers.


- Develop scalable, performant back-end components for real-world, large-
scale problems
- Work with researchers and other engineers to determine deployment
strategies for ML models on GPU’s
- Develop new platform functionality, and assist in the ongoing improvement of
monitoring and management of our stack
- Performance analysis and improvement of the system


- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Master’s degree preferred
- 2+ years experience building large-scale distributed server applications
- Solid Python skills preferred (2+ years back-end development work)
- Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, system design, complexity
- Strong problem-solving skills
- Strong familiarity with databases (e.g. MongoDB) and container technologies
(e.g. Kubernetes, Docker)
- Results-driven, self-motivated, self-starter, always interested in learning
- Ability to work independently in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
- Experience with agile software development methodologies
- Strong spoken and written communication skills in English


- familiarity with video processing; common ML frameworks such as
TensorFlow or Caffe; CSharp (we have .NET integrations..); CUDA/ GPU
programming/ deployment; interest in academic research

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Vintra is building software that fuses artificial and collective human intelligence to enable machines to see and understand the world. Initial applications include solutions to help investigators conduct effortless, smart and accurate reviews of digital video. Teams can do hours of video review in just minutes and see what happened faster with Vintra.

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