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Vintra is working for a safer world where public safety, corporate and national security users can leverage video to solve crimes, save lives and secure assets. Today, searching and reviewing video surveillance is time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors. As the world is digitized through an explosion of static and mobile cameras, the need is emerging for fast and accurate technology to automatically and intelligently search through recorded video. This capability can be the difference between solving a crime and stopping a threat or missing a key opportunity.

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Job Description

Vintra is an emerging leader in the video analytics space whose mission is to transform any real-world video into actionable and tailored intelligence, so customers can build the safest and most productive organizations in the world. As cameras increasingly take center stage in how organizations plan to protect what’s important and make their physical spaces productive, the volumes of data these cameras produce is overwhelming. Vintra’s artificial intelligent-powered software works on any type of camera feed (CCTV, drone, dash cam, body cam, etc), can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, and helps customers “know what the cameras know” for safety, compliance, and operations.

Our team is creating the science and technology behind Vintra tech. We’re working hard, having fun, and making history. Come join the team! You will have an enormous opportunity to impact the customer experience, design, architecture, and implementation of cutting edge products.

We’re looking for a passionate, talented and inventive Senior Scientist to help build the industry-leading new generation of video analytics systems. Our mission is to push the development in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) and Machine Learning (ML) in order to provide the best-possible experience for our customers. As a Senior research Scientist, you will work with talented peers to develop novel algorithms and modeling techniques to advance the state of the art in video understanding. You will mentor junior scientists, and work in a fast-paced team environment. Your work will directly impact our customers in the form of novel products and services that make use of a revolutionary video analytics technology.

Our research team is based in Barcelona, Spain, and our system engineering is in Barcelona and San Jose, California. We are currently continuing to build out our technical team by attracting top engineers and researchers in both locations. As a growing team, working on exciting problems in a rapidly expanding industry, we offer the opportunity to make a significant impact working on extremely challenging real-world problems, alongside other smart, motivated peers, for actual paying customers.

Basic Qualifications:

- Graduate degree (MS or PhD) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences,
or Mathematics with at least 5 years of related work experience
- Deep knowledge of ML algorithms and their feasibility for implementation
- Hands-on experience in developing Deep Learning algorithms, and
experience in using Deep Learning libraries, e.g., TensorFlow, MxNet,
PyTorch, Theano, Caffe, etc.
- Familiarity with programming languages such as C/C++, Python

Preferred Qualifications:

- PhD with specialization in computer vision or machine learning
- Strong publication record
- Demonstrated experience in software development via an internship, work
experience, coding competitions or submissions to open source projects
- Experience working effectively with science, data processing, and software
engineering teams
- Proven track record of innovation in creating novel algorithms and advancing
the state of the art
- Entrepreneurial spirit combined with strong architectural and problem solving
- Excellent written and spoken communication skills

Vintra’s culture is meritocratic and values hard work, ambition, curiosity, and risk-taking. The company is working on a game changing and innovative product that is garnering positive enterprise traction. The company is also building an experienced and close-knit team and believes in creating an environment where everyone can learn from and support each other.

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What We're Building

Vintra is building software that fuses artificial and collective human intelligence to enable machines to see and understand the world. Initial applications include solutions to help investigators conduct effortless, smart and accurate reviews of digital video. Teams can do hours of video review in just minutes and see what happened faster with Vintra.

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