Vinnie Lauria

World explorer and founding partner @Golden Gate Ventures. My motivation is Southeast Asia's startup scene.

Confirmed Investments · $25K to $50K each
What I Do

My strengths are in product development and product marketing. I'm a community builder on-line & off. I tend to be very hands on with mentoring and advising. I have a strong network in silicon valley and southeast asia.


We built Lefora from the ground up with the idea that forums should be easy to create with features that foster community building. I had my hand in many hats, including: fundraising, product spec, marketing, PR, social media, Search Engine Optimization (generating 30% of all traffic), & sophisticated email retainment campaigns accounting for 15% of traffic.

I also had the fortune to take time off to spend one year travelling around Asia, immersing myself in new cultures. I spent 10 days driving an auto-rickshaw (tuk tuk) over 1,000km across India. I ventured 4,014km high to to tallest city in the world - Litang, China. I rocked out to Beijing underground hip hop, scooted around the island of Taiwan, and explored the jungles of Borneo and Laos! I was invited to personally join the Sultan of Yogakarta, Indonesia for a New Year's festival. I took a 10 day vow of silence to learn Vipassana meditation, and spent 2 weeks living at a buddhist monastery, studying Kung Fu under Shaolin monks.

What I'm Looking For

I love great teams! Tell me why you're together and what about your background that makes you unique. I'm looking in Southeast Asian markets, that's where I can be most valuable right now. The best time to talk to me is after a launched product (stealth is fine).

Justin Hall
Working at @golden-gate-ventures. Organizer of WalkAboutSG, SuperHappyDevHouseSG and FailCon. Lee Kuan Yew Grad scholar and TCD ('08) alumni.
Jeff Paine
Founding Partner of @golden-gate-ventures & Director of Singapore @founder-institute
Dan Bragiel
Partner at I/O Ventures
Paul Bragiel
Partner at @i-o-ventures. Previously CEO of @lefora, @meetro & paragon5
Naval Ravikant
Sweat: @angellist , @venture-hacks @vast @epinions ; Money: @twitter @heyzap @snaplogic
Arun Thampi
Co-founder at @nitrous-io. Previously: Early Engineer wego (2.5M+ MUV), Palm & Motorola. EE @ NUS with Entrepreneurship Minor from @stanford-university. Started Addressgate.