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Videogram is a powerful tool for consuming, sharing, and monetizing online video.

Be part of a company that is disrupting video engagement in US and Japan. Work in the valley office or Tokyo office or choose to go back and forth.

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What We're Building

Videogram is pictorial summary of video. The video is automatically analyzed and packed in a visually pleasing form reminiscent of a comic. Videogram allows for a quick overview of a video at a glance & replaces video thumbnails on publishers landing sites/apps. Consumers can stream from a visually interesting point rather than the whole video. Consumes can share, like, comment on frame/clip of the video. Much in the way that Soundcloud allows commenting for music.

Our customer is anyone who publishes video.  A brand promoter is interested in how viral and how much mindshare are achieved. A commerce related publisher wants to use the video for monetization. All publishers want discovery, because if the video is not watched then it might well as not have been published. We help in these areas of Discovery, Engagement, Viral, Metrics, and Monetization. Videogram vastly increases the value of video, often doubling the CTR & time engaged with video. 


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Sandeep Casi
Virtual Reality @General Motors , Led System Group @Industrial Light & Magic, Research Scientist @Fuji Xerox PAL, DCinema @Fujifilm, Founder @cinemacraft
Rahul Golecha
Co-Founder & VP of Engineering @ Cinemacraft | Videogram B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi
Hardik Shah
Marketeer, Evangelist, ex @MicrosoftIndia, @Vectorform, Startup mode. India Business at @videogram | @videogram
Hiroyuki Fukuhara
Sherwin Faden
Founding Investor & COO, Cinemacraft Inc. Former: President, Tapjoy Japan |  QuinStreet | VeriSign | Visa Business Development Executive, Entrepreneur, Investor

Our Investors

Sandy Khaund
Founder at Upgraded. InStadium CTO. Director at Turner/Media Camp. Irynsoft (EdTech) Founder. Piczo COO. Intel, BCG, & Microsoft. Cornell (EE) & Wharton (MBA).
Sharlik Shah
Self Driving Cars @Google[x] Previously at @Googe Glass, @Amazon, @Intel • Studied at @University of Michigan , @Stanford Graduate School of Business
Lewis Golden
Worked in Optical Sciences for 40 years.B.S.,M.S., PhD. Investor in real estate, stocks, mutual funds ,and now startups. Widower with two grown children.
David Mandel
Insurance Executive, Chess, Tennis
Hal Bringman
Media strategist, NVPR. Board member, Public Knowledge. @Beepi @Lending Club @DoubleDown Interactive @RecargaPay @Breeze @Spreaker @Zingy
Matthew Romaine
Co-Founder & CEO @Gengo; @Brown University & @Stanford University in CS & Music; ex-@Microsoft, @Sony; OnLab mentor; featured in & WSJ; J+E bilingual
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