Sales Associate at Vidcode

San Francisco, New York City · Full Time

Vidcode is taking over the teen coding market. We are a team that values open mindedness, adaptability, and leadership. Every team member on Vidcode is passionate about teen girls and minorities finding their own passion for code through practice.

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This position will be responsible for driving sales efforts with a focus on: driving sales bookings growth. Focus areas include: full sales cycle execution and sales performance analysis. There will be opportunity for leadership growth as the company and sales team grows. You’ll work directly under the CEO and collaborate with the Vidcode growth and sales teams.

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What We're Building

Vidcode is the place where tweens and teens learn to build 21st century job skills all with creativity and technology at the center. We build the bridge between the amazing technologies kids hold in their hands (Snapchat, Instagram and virtual reality) and teach them how to build the magic behind those experiences. They want to build more than games, they want to be social and work in product teams that highlight different student strengths (storytelling, concept building, design and coding) and they want to be creative with material that is relevant to their lives today.

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