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VR Social Media on iOS, Android, and Daydream

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What We're Building

Vicarious lets you experience and share moments of life; the highs, the lows, the profound and the mundane. It's a quick, fun, and connected 360 media network. Create Vicarious stories using 360 photos and videos, embellished with text, and audio. Then, enjoy these and other stories from your smartphone in 2D or with a Cardboard or Daydream for an awesome VR experience.

Vicarious is a place where people can see and feel the world as captured through someone else's eyes.

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Vicarious Team

J.M. Yujuico
Founder/CEO @Vicarious • Founded BPO company in 02 and scaled to 450 people. Lead biz dev and conceptual master planning for a 2.5MM SqFT mixeduse development
Alex Chu
Co-founder and head of product @ Vicarious. Former design lead @ Samsung R&D on Milk VR & GearVR; Product owner at Halliburton. Umich MArch, SMU MIT, Bowdoin AB

Vicarious Investors

Amitt Mahajan
Co-founder/CTO, @Rare Bits; Managing Partner, @Presence Capital: AR & VR venture fund; Co-creator, FarmVille; Investor in @Clover Health,, + many others

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