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Data Transformation and Supply Chain Connectivity (500 Startups)

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What We're Building

Earlier this year, the retail industry announced "Forget fulfilment robots and beacon marketing, we have a trillion dollar e-commerce industry running on spreadsheets."

Why? Because 90% of manufacturers across the globe still use spreadsheets to share critical information about their products with their retailers.

For retailers, the process of turning spreadsheets into compatible updates is labor intensive, full of human error and expensive. This is a 30 year old problem that is rapidly turning into a margin eating nightmare and this makes this industry ripe for technology disruption.

Venzee's mantra is simple. No more spreadsheets. By dropping Venzee into the supply chain, the band aids that were spreadsheets are now replaced by system connectivity and process automation. Product information flows, big retail requirements are one-click and productivity is improved. All of the above = improved margins.

Venzee is accelerated by 500 Startups.

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Kate Hiscox
CEO @ Venzee. Serial entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce. 6 startups, 4 exits, 1 fail. Left handed, loves football, high heels and salad cream on chips.
Marco Sylvestre
Co-Founder at Venzee. Highly experienced Scrum Master and herder of cats. Agile coach & trainer to Fortune 500 companies.
Carlos León
Full Stack Engineer at Venzee. Experience with sectors including banking, insurance, e-commerce and credit information bureaus. Social & software entrepreneur.
Pedro Candelas Varela
Aerospace industry expert for 8 years...and for the last 3 years involved in Startup development
Mariel Fuentes
PM @Venzee | PR & MarCom Professional | Social Media Strategist | Content Editor | Grammar Nazi | MBA | Music Lover
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Our Investors

Chris Sang
Angel Investor & Venture Advisor. Banking, Finance , Insurance & Auto Industries. Connecting Startup's with funding, talent & partnerships.
Christine Tsai
Founding Partner at @500 Startups . Previously @Google & @YouTube . Left-handed. Ballet dancer of ~25 yrs. Go Bears.
Ted Albrecht
Cofounder @Bodley Group . Seed investor. Three kids. Saint Louisan.
Dave McClure
[paused] (prev: @500 Startups @PayPal, Facebook @fbFund, @Founders Fund ).
Parker Thompson
Partner @AngelList. Partner @500 Startups. Code+BD @Pivotal Labs. Code @Placesite. Hoarding data @Internet Archive. Digital copyright stuff @UC Berkeley iSchool.
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