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About VentureSouth

VentureSouth is one of the largest angel groups in the southeastern United States. With over 230 members and investors, and a positive investment track record dating back to the formation of our first group in 2008, VentureSouth is changing how early stage investing in done in the Carolinas.

Each of our groups meets in person to review investment opportunities from across the southeast. Each member elects to invest (or not) individually; if there is enough interest, VentureSouth aggregates the capital and invests in the company.

You can learn all about us here.

Our portfolio

We have invested over $21 million in 55 companies so far. You can learn more about our companies here.

Our strategy

We seek investments in the southeastern United States. These investments are generally under the radar, but have the capacity to grow with capital efficiency and generate strong. Our focus is on finding attractive southeastern companies, losing fewer of our investments than most VCs and angels in larger financial centers, and creating returns from early exits.

We have achieved this so far. None of our companies have failed in the last four years, and our average hold period for realized companies is 1.6 years.

Our team

Unusually for an angel group, VentureSouth is led by four full-time professional investors. See more on our team below and here. We combine angel group expertise (like Matt's, who is on the board of the Angel Capital Association), private equity and investment banking expertise (like Paul’s), entrepreneurial experience (like Charlie’s), and exits (like Mac’s five companies exited - so far).

This team coordinates the screening, presentation, diligence, investment and monitoring process for VentureSouth. The group relies on its over 200 members to provide the brainpower to ask the right questions and connections to help the portfolio companies flourish.


Southeast deal flow

VentureSouth members invest close to home - where we can be most helpful to the companies. We typically lead "traditional" angel deals ($500k investments in first "institutional rounds"), and participate in larger rounds syndicated across the southeast.

This is a unique set of deal flow for Angelist. We are one of only two southeastern-based syndicates, so our investment opportunities are not the same as those on other angels' menus.


We will syndicate here those investments that we think will suit angel investors, where the entrepreneurs support the idea, where deal terms and round sizes make syndication possible, and where there is a small allocation left open in the round.

Charlie Banks
Co-Founder & Managing Director of VentureSouth, one of the largest angel investment infrastructures in the US.
Mac Lackey
Entrepreneur and Investor. Have built and sold 5 startups. Recently sold @KYCK to NBC Sports.
Matt Dunbar
Founder, Managing Director @VentureSouth @Upstate Carolina Angel Network (Greenville, SC). Alum of @Clemson (Chem E), @Stanford (MBA), @BCG, @Eastman Chemical.
Paul Clark
Managing Director
Managing Director of VentureSouth, an early stage investment firm in the southeastern US
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UCAN is a great group to work with. They move quickly for an angel group and are very dedicated to helping their startup succeed
Peter Barth
Co-investor in a company Matt Dunbar invested in
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