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Program Director at VentureOut

New York City · Full Time

The team at VentureOut fundamentally believe that talent around the world is evenly distributed around the world but opportunity is not. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the innovators around the world and the opportunities available to them in NYC. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Job Description

The VentureOut Program Manager role entails high visibility throughout the tech and venture communities in NYC. You will be responsible for managing and building relationships in those communities for both VentureOut and our companies. You are an integral part of the VentureOut team and are intimately involved in all aspects of VentureOut including strategy, operations, marketing, company selection and more.

The Program Manager is the captain of this ship, responsible for our programs running smoothly and each company having a fulfilling and positive experience. This includes oversight of all pre-program activities, management during the program and oversight of all program wrap-up work. We need our Program Manager to have strong operational, get-it-done capabilities with comfort working in a startup environment. VentureOut is a small team of people that get shit done, often organizing an amount of startups, programs and events that a would typically be managed by a team twice our size. The program manager needs to thrive off this energy and activity while having the skills to execute efficiently at a high level.

At VentureOut we have a lot of fun and work extremely hard while making a positive impact on tech communities all around the world. The VentureOut Program Manager role is a unique opportunity to help build the startup community in NYC while building your own network and relationships with some of the world’s most innovative corporations, entrepreneurs and investors. If this is of interest, please click apply.

-Oversight and management of the VentureOut One-Week Accelerator
---Pre-Program Activities: Planning the programming, scheduling and confirming speakers/venues/events, on-boarding companies into the program, creation of marketing materials, management of digital platforms (, F6S, Slack, Gust, AngelList, Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, etc.)
---Intra-Program Activities: Serving as the primary point of contact for all companies during the program, moderating speaker sessions, managing companies from session to session from program kick-off to exit interviews, managing receptions and pitch events, etc.
---Post-Program Activities: Follow-up support for alumni, promotion of the program via blog, video, social, etc.
-Creatively design and organize programs featuring the workshops, mentor sessions, entrepreneurs and investors that will be the most impactful for each program’s industry or country of focus
-Manage relationships with thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and other speakers that participate in VentureOut programming; build new relationships to grow the VentureOut network and roster of speakers
-Represent VentureOut in the local community, attending events regularly
-Maintain performance metrics for the accelerator for weekly team meetings
-Maintain a quality knowledge of the New York, US and international technology ecosystems with an eagerness to continue learning about the global technology landscape
-Support marketing and social media activities by capturing content during VentureOut programs (pictures, videos, quotes) and community events

-2-5 years of relevant experience working in the startup and venture ecosystem
-Successful candidate will be self-driven, highly motivated individual with an ability to take initiative and manage a variety of tasks and projects simultaneously
-Demonstrated aptitude, interest, and knowledge of technology, entrepreneurship and venture
-Demonstrated ability to proactively grow a network through relationship building, networking at events, referrals, etc.
-You regularly attend networking events because of a hunger to continuously learn about technology and regularly interact with the innovators leading the community
-Comfort interacting at various levels of an organization all the way up to senior management from small startups to large corporations
-Ability to manage multiple priorities with competing deadlines

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What We're Building

Driven by the mission of bridging the gap between talented innovators from around the world and opportunities available to them in NYC, VENTUREOUT supports top technology companies to access new markets, raise capital and scale through programs combining education, mentorship and professional introductions to thought leaders, investors and successful entrepreneurs who are part of the NYC tech ecosystem.

Today, we run 25 programs per year featuring 250-300 startups, making us one of the most active accelerator programs on the planet. Since inception in 2012, VENTUREOUT has hosted more than 100 programs, supporting over 800 startups from 25 countries who have collectively raised over $1B from people like Mark Zuckerberg and exited to companies like Google.

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