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Dissolving the boundaries between bits and atoms

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Introducing the vAtom

vAtoms digitize anything of value such as goods, services, or discounts and transform them into interactive and relevant digital experiences.

Obtained through advertising, sharing, or augmented reality, vAtoms are live on vAtomic’s secure platform and can be stored, shared, played, or redeemed for a physical good, service, or simply exist in the digital world.

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Jobs at vAtomic Systems

vAtomic Systems Team

Michael Judd
CEO, vAtomic Systems Founder & CEO, Techmasher GM/VP, CSC Associate, Bear Stearns & Co Manager, Strategic Data Corp Auditor, Deloitte
Craig Sellars
Entrepreneur, Blockchain Technologist. Chief Scientist at vAtomic Systems, Co-Founder of Tether, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at Omni
Alistair Farquharson
CTO of Akana (sold in 2016), starting up again in Los Angeles - MSc Cape Town

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