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Vantage Robotics

Community Manager at Vantage Robotics

San Leandro · Full Time
Vantage Robotics enables consumers to take amazing aerial video. Read More
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Job Description

Job Description

Come help bring a kick-ass flying camera to the world! Vantage Robotics is looking for a community manager to help manage a growing user base for our flying camera, Snap. You will be responsible for a range of activities all related to helping to our new community of customers. Your role will include being the voice of the company on our online platforms, as well as the manager of all shipping and receiving.


•Keep our existing customers well informed and satisfied by responding to customer emails and moderating social media platforms.
•Help troubleshoot customer issues and determine the best course of action for resolving their problem.
•Maintain organization of customer, inventory, and warranty databases to ensure all products get to the correct customer.
•Manage the company FedEx account, print shipping labels, and process outgoing orders.
•Proactively solve the varied and unexpected challenges of a fast paced tech startup.
•Wear many hats and help in a variety of office management and operations tasks as they arise.


•Relevant experience with community management
•Excellent written and oral communication skills.
•Highly organized and comfortable in a fast-paced environment.
•Ability to master a details of our product in order to answer customer questions
•Passion for photography, videography, and/or drones

About Us

Vantage Robotics makes a high performance 4k flying camera that you take with you anywhere and safely use around people. The company recently won Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge, the largest startup competition in the world. We have strong financial backing from well respected venture capital firms and large angel investors. We are a team of Stanford engineers, ex-Darpa Grand Challenge winners, IDEO, Apple, and NASA alums, roboticists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and experienced software folks. We're also ardent kite surfers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, surfers, and hockey players. We work to achieve ambitious goals, but also work to achieve rich lives.

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What We're Building

Snap is a revolutionary flying camera that makes it easy to capture spectacular aerial video. Snap shoots beautiful gimbal stabilized 4k video and flies for 20 minutes, but is small enough to fit easily in any backpack, safe enough to use around people, easy enough for anyone to use without experience.

At 600 grams, Snap has 1/10th the system weight of competing products, enabling you to take it anywhere without compromising performance.

Snap is the first and only flying camera with high performance propeller shrouds, that make Snap safe to use around people without compromising flight performance.

Smarts like sophisticated auto tracking, auto flight paths, auto ground avoidance, super simple yaw control, and path sharing enable average pilots capture extraordinary video.

Magnetic component connections make transportation easy and let customers extend capabilities for 1 hour flight time, blindingly fast flight speeds, extended range, and obstacle avoidance.

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Vantage Robotics Team

Tobin Fisher
Co-founder of @Vantage Robotics . Co-founder of @Sutro Media. Co-founder of @Ardica Technologies. Design engineer @IDEO, Yale BS ME, @Stanford Masters ME
Aaron Crayford
Entrepreneurial engineer; I've shipped 15 products and have been a part of 12 startup teams.
Charles Lozner
Senior Marketing and Ecommerce Executive. Director of Integrated Marketing at Backbone Media. Interim VP of Marketing and Advisor at Vantage Robotics.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes Vantage Robotics a unique place to work at?
We are a uniquely talented team striving to be the best in the world. We have already demonstrated our ability to do this in multiple areas and are looking for team members interested in extending the areas where we are the absolute best. The experience of working with a small team all with ambitious goals and the talents to meet them is like nothing else in the world.
Tobin Fisher
CEO at Vantage Robotics
What are some of the toughest engineering problems Vantage Robotics is facing now?
Reliability and robustness are our top priorities for the product we are currently launching. This is a non-trivial challenge in a system designed to be flown by consumers.
Tobin Fisher
CEO at Vantage Robotics
What is your office environment like?
We are focused and intense with occasional breaks for finger rocket wars and other silliness. Our hours are flexible, but long, and the performance expectation is high.
Tobin Fisher
CEO at Vantage Robotics

Vantage Robotics Investors

Mark Pui
Management consulting and corporate finance experience in Asia. Passionate about working with owners to grow businesses. Early investor in blockchain space.
Michael Dempsey
Investing in Frontier Tech. Partner at Compound
Chris Fry
Head of engineering@medium. Advisor, investor and mentor. Scaled companies from pre-ipo startup to fully operational businesses. x-twitter, x-sfdc, x-weblogic.
Othman Laraki
Co-founder at Color Genomics. Investor in Pinterest, AngelList, Slack, Instacart, Mesosphere & others. Co-founded MixerLabs, early PM at Google.
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