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Singapore's #1 Beauty & Wellness Platform

Our team is our greatest asset. We believe in working with and empowering people who love and believe in what they do. Read More
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What We're Building

Vanitee built our Product to serve 2 main groups of people, Service Providers and Consumers.

For the Service Provider, Vanitee has the tools and processes to effectively run their business. We help them to build a credible profile and continuously gain higher sustainable profits for their business.

For the Consumer, Vanitee help them to discover and engage beauty trends that fit their lifestyle. We ensure that all information on our platform are transparent and accurate.

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Vanitee Team

Douglas Gan
Founded and Exited >10 startups with total market cap of ~$700M since 1997.
Natalie Loh
CV and Portfolio: | Product Owner with a UI/UX and software development background.
Ayush Khare
I've a keen interest in Android and React Native, always experimenting with the latest technologies and cooking up new ideas.
Prabaharan Elangovan
Passionate iOS developer having an experience of more than 6 years. Proficient in Objective-C and Swift2.0
Tin Htet Kyaw @ Jame Ng
Embedded previously, Full stacking currently.
Lily Tan
UI UX Designer in Vanitee
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Vanitee Investors

Natasha Foong
Founder @ Incuvest and Valuair, 1st budget airline in Singapore. 10+years in VC/pte equity with EDB Investments. Advisor/Mentor, NUS Enterprise.
James Ong, MBA, CPA
At YCH, we are looking to invest SMART money in supply chain and logistics start ups. We will look at anything from seed to Series A.

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